Truck parking shortages are a national safety concern. An inadequate supply of parking is creating two problems: drivers may exceed their allotted Hours of Service because they cannot find parking space or they may choose to park at unsafe locations, such as road shoulders and exit ramps.

In a recent FHWA* study, 37 State DOTs reported problems with commercial vehicle parking and over 75% of truck drivers surveyed reported difficulty finding safe parking for mandatory rest periods.

The FMCSA CVISN Program has determined that projects such as real-time trucking parking systems are eligible for expanded CVISN funding.

Intelligent Imaging Systems has successfully integrated and deployed commercial vehicle safety technology in over 40 states. Leveraging our extensive experience and the real-time information delivery of Drivewyze we can integrate and deploy truck parking systems that combine vehicle sensors, local wireless networks and truck parking inventory management software.

Intelligent Imaging Systems has the technology and experience to design and deploy truck parking management systems for state agencies that accurately collect and transmit truck parking data. As a systems integrator, Intelligent Imaging Systems works with state agencies to deploy the sensor system of their choice to meet their performance and budget requirements. These systems can includetruck parking inductive loops to count vehicles entering and exiting the parking area, Automated License Plate Reader systems to identify and match entrance and exit events, and wireless in-ground vehicle sensors for high performance wireless battery operated in-ground systems.

Drivewyze is a commercially available platform that is perfectly suited to deliver real-time parking availability information to drivers. Drivewyze has the unique ability to disseminate truck parking information directly to drivers through mobile software deployed on existing in-cab technologies including smart phones, tablets and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Drivewyze is ideally positioned to deliver this information based on our ELD partnership distribution which includes the largest fleet management device companies in the industry.

* Source – FHWA Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey Results and Comparative Analysis August 2015

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