New Mexico Deploys Smart Roadside Program to Improve Efficiency

May 1, 2010 New Mexico’s Department of Public Safety Motor Transport Division has begun deploying a statewide Smart Roadside Program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its roadside operations. Smart Roadside is Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc’s. revolutionary Smart Roadside Inspection System. Read the CVSA Guardian article here.

How ITS & Technologies are Transforming Roadside Inspections

April 2, 2010 Cpl. Rick Koontz, of the Pennsylvania State Police, and Maj. Ron Cordova, of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety write about IT technologies’ role in roadside inspections. IIS has supplied it’s Smart Roadside product at several locations in New Mexico. Read the article from the CVSA magazine Guardian.

Alberta Transportation CVE Branch Tests the Impact of Thermal Imaging

April 1, 2010 The Alberta Transportation Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch conducted a pilot project from March 2004 through to January 2005 , which utilized the Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. Thermal Inspecton System van, to study the impact of thermal imaging observations on commercial vehicle operations. The result were so encouraging that Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation,

IIS ALPR Part of Award Winning Project

June 23, 2009 ITS-NY has announced the 2009 Project-of-the-Year Winners at its Sixteenth Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY. The winning projects highlight the use of ITS technologies to improve the mobility and safety of NYS travelers, enhance the efficiency of NYS transportation network and modes including public transportation, and provide positive environmental and energy

IIS Recognized as Part of Award Winning Solution

June 3, 2009 Florida’s DOT, Office of Motor Carrier Compliance was awarded the 2009 award for “Best New Innovative Products or Services” at the recent ITSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Mettler Toledo developed the system that included the integration of Weigh In Motion (WIM) scales, Vehicle Dimension In Motion (VDIM) and, IIS Automated License Plate

Thermal Imaging Units are Keeping Roads Safe

December 22, 2008 Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch (CVEB) Thermal Imaging Unit in its first full year of operation scanned approximately 22,000 commercial vehicles, singling out 1,000 for closer inspection. Of those almost 90 % had to be taken off the road for immediate servicing. Read the OHS Canada article. Brakes comprised the largest percentage, about

IIS Attends the 2008 Annual CVSA Conference

September 10, 2008 Visit us in Winnipeg, MB at the 2008 CVSA Annual Conference (booth #12) where we will be demonstrating our solutions, including the mobile Thermal Imaging Inspection System(TIIS). CVSA is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives from the United States,

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