Smart truck parking technologies are the best-in-class solution to address industry-wide truck parking shortages. The benefits are clear: these technologies improve access to available parking spots for drivers who need rest and reduce the time spent searching for safe parking. This improves overall highway safety and productivity.

Are there value-adds for fleet owners, and rest area and DOT managers?

Definitely! Whether you’re a rest area manager tracking parking trends, or a driver needing rest for the night, smart truck parking solutions are built to meet diverse industry needs.

If you’re interested in adopting a smart truck parking solution, consider more than the base functionality. Look for features that add value at the operational and policy levels of your organization. Here are the top four key services to consider:

  1. Data management
  2. Advanced maintenance
  3. Automatic updates/bug fixes
  4. Secure Support Interface

1. Data Management

Smart truck parking solutions collect massive amounts of data. With a data management tool, data can be compiled into actionable formats to inform your decision-making. For multi-site programs, a data management module can consolidate information from every sensor at every site, then present the data in intuitive and insightful ways.

Industry-leading solutions have an intuitive interface with a wide breadth of built-in reporting options.

The interface should conveniently display a range of information, such as available and occupied spots on a real-time map. Some solutions even offer an optional video interface, if that’s your preference.

In addition, look for built-in reporting options. Some truck parking solutions offer both global and site-specific data reporting. This reporting can be filtered to inform various levels of decision-making. Keep an eye out for a wide breadth of reporting options, such as:

  • Historical reporting, real-time reporting, and 24-hour site status reporting for:
    • Occupancy
    • Turnover
    • Length of stay
    • Exit/entry
  • Predictive occupancy, including when maximum capacity will be reached
  • Parking trends with filtering options (e.g., duration of parking pit stop/rest)

2. Advanced Maintenance 

You wouldn’t buy a truck only to ignore the tire pressure or never change the oil. Choosing a truck parking solution should be no different. You need to maintain the system to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. Credible providers offer maintenance functionality on top of their base software to improve usability and lower ownership costs.

But what maintenance options should you look for? We’ve summarized three key items below:

  • Diagnostics: All hardware and software products are subject to errors, equipment failures and low batteries. A diagnostics engine identifies issues quickly.
  • Alerts & Outage Map: Look for a system that automatically alerts maintenance providers via email or SMS. The system should prioritize alerts based on severity. For example, the system should prioritize a site outage over a single stall outage. For added convenience, some solutions display active alerts on a real-time outage map.
  • Work Order Processing: An effective truck parking solution generates a work order at the first notification of a problem. On some platforms, work orders can be conveniently accessed in the field from a smartphone or tablet. You should ask providers how data is managed after the work order is closed. Do closed work orders automatically feed into an ongoing maintenance record?

3. Automatic updates and bug fixes

Choose a solution that automatically installs application updates and bug fixes to make your life easier. Automatic updates and bug fixes reduce troubleshooting in the field and improve system performance and up-time.

4. Secure support interface

All maintenance and data management features should be installed on a secured, central server. Ensure that the solution supports third-party integration.

Would you like to see a truck parking management system in action?

IIS Smart Parking solutions are fully developed Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) systems that are available for demonstration. Successfully demonstrated at the 2015 ITS World Congress, our solution has been adopted by Florida DOT and Ohio DOT. Please contact us to view a demonstration of a working system.

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