The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch of Alberta Justice & Solicitor General began using the fully integrated IIS Smart Roadside System at their Leduc Commercial Vehicle Weigh Station in April of 2014. The IIS Smart
Roadside System includes an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) integrated with provincial vehicle records and an Automated Thermal Inspection System that reads and compares the thermal images of the tires and brakes on each side of the vehicle.

In a three day period from Friday April 4, 2014 to Sunday April 6, 2014 the IIS Smart Roadside System helped enforcement officials stop three unregistered commercial vehicles and in addition, three unsafe commercial vehicles were detected and taken off the road.

The unregistered vehicles were detected by reading their license plates with the ALPR and checking it against the provincial database. Unregistered vehicles represent a loss of revenue for the province and there is a high probability that their insurance coverage may have lapsed as well.

In the same three day period the Automated Thermal Inspection System (ATIS) detected two instances of flat tires on commercial vehicles and one instance of a commercial vehicle with faulty brakes on both the truck and the trailer. By comparing the thermal images the ATIS is able to identify anomalies on the vehicle. In the two cases of flat tires the vehicle operators were unaware of the danger and the vehicles were kept off of the road until the problem was corrected. Had the tires remained undetected there was a high probability of the tires disintegrating at highway speeds, endangering other vehicles and their occupants. In the case of the brake failures the ATIS alerted enforcement officers that two of the brakes on the truck as well as two of the brakes on the trailer were faulty. Upon inspection it was found that the vehicle’s brakes were out of adjustment by ½ inch and the U-bolts were loose, a serious safety concern. The vehicle and trailer were placed out of service and a mechanic had to change out the U-bolts because they could not be tightened. If this truck and trailer had not been identified through the IIS Smart Roadside System there would have been a high risk of a crash.

The IIS Smart Roadside System increases efficiency for law enforcement personnel by automatically screening commercial vehicles for safety and registration compliance. Through the use of modern technology the IIS Smart Roadside System allows officers to focus on non-compliant vehicles, improving safety and supporting the flow of commerce.

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