IIS Smart Roadside is the most comprehensive safety and enforcement platform.

IIS Smart
IRD Mettler
HELP Inc. 360
Deployed Strategies
Weigh station ramp deployments  ✓  ✓  ✓
Integrated Ramp Lane Control  ✓  ✓
Weigh Station Mainline Deployments  ✓  ✓
Integrated Mainline Lane Control  ✓
Virtual Weigh Station deployments  ✓
Mobile Trailer Deployments  ✓
Demonstrated multiple lane (5+) vehicle traffic, lane and tracking
Common user interface regardless of deployed strategy
Sensor Capabilities
Automated Licence Plate Reader (ALPR), USDOT Number Reader (AUNR), and Overview Vehicle Camera (OVC)
Hardware Neutral – Integrates with all 3rd party sensors including all WIM, Static, dimensioning, DSRC, Image and Radiation
 Automated CVSA Safety Sticker Recognition System
 Automated Hazmat placard readers
 Running Gear (Thermal Imaging) stand-alone system
 Running Gear (Thermal Imaging) fully integrated into screening system
 Magnetic based Vehicle Waveform matching and tracking system
In-house imaging deployment, R&D and sensor improvement team
System Capabilities
Real time system self-monitoring to provide pro-active service and maintenance
Cloud based architecture
Dashboard views for performance, ROI, management and operations
Consolidates facilities, traffic, static scales and electronic screening into a single user screen
Data Integration and Control
Largest number of available authoritative Data sources integrated into the system
Transparency on every data element
Allows states to share data for better enforcement
Allows full and unlimited control of screening settings to suit your requirements
Full access to all collected screening data on all vehicles without restriction
Direct Access to authoritative, auditable source data, through NLETS

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