Vehicle Wave Identification Earns IIS a Second Appearance on Annual List

EDMONTON, Alberta, Aug. 1, 2016 – Each time Michael Ganley drives past a commercial vehicle inspection station in the United States or Canada, he wonders if the station’s inspectors use Vehicle Waveform Identification to scan and identify commercial vehicles.

“As a motorist, I feel a little safer knowing there’s a sophisticated system that can help inspection officers quickly and accurately sort and identify trucks to help them determine which ones to more closely inspect,” the editor of Alberta Venture magazine said.

The system’s developer, Edmonton-based Intelligent Imaging Systems, was among 12 groups based in the Alberta province chosen for the magazine’s annual list of “Alberta’s Most Innovative” organizations.

Alberta Venture, which has a circulation of 28,000 readers, announced the choices of its editorial staff with the release of its magazine on Monday, Aug. 1.

First published four years ago, the AV list is made up of dozens of businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and others, first nominated by the magazine’s editorial staff throughout the year, and then chosen by a committee of magazine editors.

“In choosing which nominees to add to our magazine’s list, we consider organizations that develop not only innovative devices, but also innovative applications,” Ganley said. “We look at the uniqueness of the device or application, how it was developed and how it is being practically applied and what impact it has.”

Ganley said when he first learned about the system from an Intelligent Imaging Systems news release, he knew he would likely nominate IIS for his magazine’s annual list. And that’s exactly what he did.

“It really didn’t surprise me that Intelligent Imaging Systems developed this sophisticated system,” Ganley said. “We’ve been watching this company since we named it to our list the first time in 2012 for its development of Drivewyze.”

Drivewyze is a weigh station bypass service that uses GPS technology and the mobile Internet instead of traditional battery-operated transponders.

Ganley said he and his staff were thoroughly impressed with VWI because of its obvious practical application in making it easier for law enforcement to identify and screen thousands of trucks more quickly and efficiently.

“As far as I can recall, Intelligent Imaging Systems is the only organization that we’ve named twice in the five years we’ve been publishing the list,” he added.

Brian Heath, IIS president said he’s pleased that Vehicle Waveform Identification system made such a lasting impression on the editor of Alberta Venture that he chose to nominate IIS. “We’re also pleased that this is the second time we’ve been chosen for this recognition.”

Vehicle Waveform Identification, U.S. Patent No. 9,311,816, uses magnetometers to measure the unique magnetic “fingerprints” of commercial vehicles as they pass over an array of sensors mounted in the roadway, in the pavement of exit ramps or throughout weigh and inspection stations.

VWI and several other IIS technologies, including the Smart Roadside vehicle identification system, were incorporated into the design of the Cordelia Truck Scale facility on eastbound U.S. Interstate 80. Located between Cordelia and Fairfield, California, the Cordelia facility is one of the busiest inspection stations in North America.

“VWI represents a technological breakthrough allowing law enforcement agencies to reduce the amount of equipment needed for tracking vehicles on the mainline and on inspection station ramps,” Heath said. “And most importantly, it helps inspection officers accurately identify commercial vehicles and sort them for different enforcement actions as they exit the highway and move through the inspection site.”

Data from standard devices such as static and weigh-in-motion scales, over-view cameras, DOT number and license plate readers, and thermal imaging systems can’t be accurately assigned to individual trucks for enforcement sorting unless they always remain in the same order. VWI allows the systems to accurately match, screen and track commercial vehicles to verify they are reporting as required, Heath said. Even identical trucks and trailers have unique magnetic signatures. The VWI can recognize those unique signatures so it can assign the right corresponding enforcement data.

IIS has been a provider of road safety equipment and software services since 2003. As a supplier and integrator of advanced imaging systems, IIS provides transportation and law enforcement agencies with advanced tools to attain their enforcement goals more efficiently and effectively, while keeping truck traffic moving.

About Intelligent Imaging Systems
Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. is a supplier and integrator of some of the most advanced imaging systems today, providing the transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry’s most technologically advanced tools in an effort to make the goals of safety more efficient and effective.

Intelligent Imaging Systems’ core markets are transportation safety and security, and law enforcement and public security. Our leading-edge inspection system solutions focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency field operations in environments that demand reliability and performance against the constraints of limited time and resources.

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