EDMONTON, Alberta., April 15, 2015 – Intelligent Imaging Systems, a provider of advanced electronic screening systems for commercial motor vehicle enforcement, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 8,985,848 covering its automated thermal inspection system.

This proprietary technology is applicable to the rapid identification and selection of unsafe commercial vehicle running gear including inoperable brakes and flat tires while vehicles remain in motion.

“The patent represents a culmination of years of hard work by our engineering teams,” said Brian Heath, Intelligent Imaging Systems president. “Our engineers succeeded in developing an automated thermal inspection system (ATIS) that is the first commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) solution of its kind to be fully integrated into a complete roadside electronic screening platform. Plus, it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes commercial vehicle law enforcement inspectors to screen vehicles for critical safety defects.”

As a truck enters an inspection lane and passes by the sensors installed on both sides of the laneway, the ATIS scans both sides of the vehicle’s axle sets looking for thermal signatures associated with unsafe and defective equipment such as inoperative brakes, failed bearings and under-inflated or damaged tires. Advanced image-processing drives decision-making algorithms within ATIS screening software. When the system finds a possible defect, it notifies the roadside inspectors and signals the truck driver to move the truck to a secondary inspection lane where inspection officers can conduct a follow-up inspection.

“When the inspection system scans wheel sets it concentrates attention on tires and brakes,” Heath said. “The ATIS maintains a better than 90 percent detection rate of bad brakes and flat tires. An important consideration since tires and brakes represent the No. 1 equipment cause of large truck crashes according to the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration.

“During the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Brake Safety Week last fall, inspectors sidelined nearly 20 percent of the 13,000 commercial vehicles they examined,” Heath added. “About one out of every 10 out-of-service citations issued were for out-of-adjustment brake violations. And 9 percent of the 2,100 trucks sidelined had brake component issues. ATIS targets these defects in equipment and helps enforcement agencies remove unsafe vehicles from the roadside.

The ATIS is an optional component of IIS’ Smart Roadside Platform, law enforcement’s leading electronic screening system for commercial trucks. Smart Roadside state programs have been nationally recognized by prestigious entities including the Governor’s Highway Safety Award and Harvard’s Ash Center’s Innovations in American Government Awards. The Ash Center study also found that agencies using similar e-screening platforms had crash rates 39 percent lower than the national average.

“Law enforcement agencies value Smart Roadside’s automated and non-automated thermal inspection systems because they remove more unsafe trucks from the highway without the need to add more inspection officers,” Heath said. ATIS and manual thermal inspection, whether at fixed sites or on mobile units each are designed to offer unique benefits to law enforcement agencies and ensure technology solutions match operational needs.

“Our mission is to provide inspectors the tools they need to reduce crash incidences and save lives,” he added. “And we’re proud of the ATIS’s ability to move forward on that goal.”

Thermal inspection is recognized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation (AASHTO) as an innovative technology, ATIS is eligible for federal funding through FMCSA and Federal Highway Administration safety programs.

About Intelligent Imaging Systems
Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. is a supplier and integrator of some of the most advanced imaging systems today, providing the transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry’s most technologically advanced tools in an effort to make the goals of safety more efficient and effective.

Intelligent Imaging Systems’ core markets are transportation safety and security, and law enforcement and public security. Our leading-edge inspection system solutions focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency field operations in environments that demand reliability and performance against the constraints of limited time and resources.

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