EDMONTON, Alberta, March 16, 2016 – Intelligent Imaging Systems announces that it recently received a Canadian patent from the Commissioner of Patents for its automated thermal inspection system.

The commercial vehicle safety screening system, which is mounted permanently at weigh stations or inspection sites, passively scans the running gear of moving trucks using advanced thermal technology. It recognizes heat signatures associated with inoperative brakes, over-heated brakes, failed bearings and damaged or inadequately inflated tires. The IIS ATIS system has already received a patent in the United States.

“We’re pleased that the Commissioner of Patents recognized the uniqueness, utility and inventiveness of our automated thermal inspection system (ATIS),” said Brian Heath, president of Intelligent Imaging Systems. “Our thermal inspection system is the first and only patented automatic thermal inspection system for commercial trucks in Canada and the first solution to be fully integrated into a complete roadside electronic screening platform – Smart Roadside.

“This technology is a force multiplier that has already been proven to identify unsafe trucks while in motion and ultimately, save lives. ATIS is a next-generation time and efficiency improvement tool for commercial vehicle enforcement agencies to utilize and make our roads safer,” Heath said. “This tool not only helps to reduce crashes and crash-related fatalities, but also it helps level the playing field within the trucking industry by ensuring that every passing truck’s running gear is adequately maintained.”

The IIS ATIS system is unique in that advanced software analyzes images for heat patterns that should or should not be present in equipment that is operating properly. It can then automatically notify inspection officers to flag vehicles for further inspection.

“With a detection rate approaching 90 percent, the ATIS provides officers greater confidence that they will find and flag issues that warrant their attention,” Heath said. “Agencies such as the Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement have found that their officers are far more likely to find equipment violations when they conduct their follow-up manual inspections.”

Chief Steve Callahan, with the Alberta Solicitor General Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch (CVEB), said the ATIS has proven to be a cost-effective way to achieve and surpass his agency’s enforcement goals by zeroing in on those trucks and trailers that should be inspected. “We have been able to leverage this technology to our advantage by better utilizing our scarce resources, reducing unnecessary inspections, and ultimately removing unsafe trucks from our highways,” Callahan said.

Alberta CVEB was the first provincial agency in Canada to adopt thermal imaging as an enforcement tool, and the first one to deploy ATIS in North America.

“By using the automated thermal imaging system at the Coutts Inspection Station, we recently identified an imminent wheel separation,” Sgt. Chris Wehlage said. “This truck, loaded with livestock, had a tire with four of 10 studs missing. This wheel was ready to come off. Vehicles with this type of defect have a very high probability to cause a tragic collision on our roads.”


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Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. is a supplier and integrator of some of the most advanced imaging systems today, providing the transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry’s most technologically advanced tools in an effort to make the goals of safety more efficient and effective.

Intelligent Imaging Systems’ core markets are transportation safety and security, and law enforcement and public security. Our leading-edge inspection system solutions focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency field operations in environments that demand reliability and performance against the constraints of limited time and resources.

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