Intelligent Imaging Systems Delivers Parking Availability in Ohio

DALLAS, March 14, 2019 – Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS) is now providing state DOT departments with its IIS Smart Parking solutions for trucks at rest stops. Installations were recently completed in Ohio, part of the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO) initiative, which unites eight Midwestern states in the nation’s first Regional Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS).

Through IIS Smart Parking, 18 rest stops along Ohio’s Interstates 70, 75 and U.S. Route 33 were fitted with in-ground sensors, which provide information on how many parking spots are open and available for use. That information is then relayed and broadcast — in real-time — on highway signs so truck drivers will know the availability of parking spaces at the upcoming rest stop.

The IIS Smart Parking locations join others implemented through MAASTO to provide truckers with parking availability. The TPIMS was deployed along the region’s high volume freight corridors through Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Its goal is to have all truck drivers, dispatchers and others see and benefit from a cohesive parking availability system that crosses state borders. In addition to dynamic highway message signs, websites will provide information on parking space availability. 

“This service is badly needed in the trucking industry,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of IIS. “Parking is a huge concern for drivers. Studies by the Federal Highway Administration show that 83 percent of drivers routinely take 30 minutes or longer to find parking and that 37 DOTs reported problems with commercial parking.”

According to Heath, the real-time display of parking spots at rest areas gives drivers time to plan. “In Ohio, it’s set up where a highway reader board shows the number of spots available at the upcoming rest area,” he said. “And in many cases, it shows the spots available at the rest areas that are further down the road. This takes out a lot of the guesswork of ‘where do I park?’ Plus, if a rest area is full, the driver doesn’t have to pull in and search – wasting time trying to find a spot that doesn’t exist.”

IIS’ partner in the venture, IPsens, is a leader in cloud-based parking and transportation management solutions. “Our hardware and parking management software integrates well with IIS to make for a turnkey solution for state DOTs,” said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens. “We look forward to working with more states – putting our technology to work — to make a difference in the lives of truckers searching for parking spots.” 

Federal grant money is available to help states offer rest stop parking notifications. “The federal government has recognized the parking issue and has stepped up to offer states funds to implement a truck parking management system,” said Heath. “We expect states with parking issues to take advantage of the funding to make highways safer, and drivers more productive. If a driver can’t find a spot, and their hours of service are about to expire, they’ll often resort to using unauthorized parking spaces, or park on highway shoulders or ramps. By providing real-time information on parking spots, states have the ability to make an impact on the problem.”

About IIS: 

Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS), along with its sister company, Drivewyze, is on a mission to revolutionize commercial vehicle transportation and safety. IIS is a supplier and integrator of some of the industry’s most advanced imaging systems available, providing transportation and law enforcement agencies with the tools to be more efficient and effective in their commercial vehicle enforcement efforts. Intelligent Imaging Systems’ core markets are transportation safety and security, and law enforcement and public security, and commercial truck parking. Its leading-edge inspection system solutions focus on improving agency field operations in environments that demand reliability and performance against the constraints of limited time and resources.

About IPsens: 

IPsens is the leading provider of cloud-based parking, data exchange, and information management solutions. In addition to IPsens’ open IP parking management software, the company also offers a variety of commercial and enterprise software solutions, including commercial parking traffic analysis, corporate campus parking management, university parking management, municipal parking management airport parking management, and truck parking management software. IPsens can be found online at

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