IIS has a long history of providing mobile enforcement equipment to numerous State and Provincial enforcement agencies across North America. The IIS mobile Smart Roadside and Infra-Red Inspection Systems (IRIS) Vans and the IIS Smart Roadside Trailer are ideal tools to assist in streamlining mobile operations, providing a quick and efficient identification of trucks that need attention and have potential issues.

The purpose of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is multifold, but includes protection of infrastructure from overloading, ensuring regulatory compliance with registration, tax and insurance and ensuring trucks are operating safely as top reasons. Enforcement ensures equity and fairness in the industry by ensuring under performers are not given a competitive advantage when running out of compliance.

IIS vans have the advantage of over 12 years of design experience in the ergonomics layout of the officer workstation, storage and roadside setup and use. IIS has the only Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) screening Van available today. This experience with input from many law enforcement users ensures the systems fit the use of inspection agencies.

The effectiveness of a best practice enforcement program involves utilizing technology to assist in screening trucks electronically, allowing compliant trucks to proceed, while focusing efforts on those trucks and operators that need further attention. The effectiveness of a program is further dependent on a mix of enforcement at fixed high-volume facilities with the capabilities to monitor and enforce on known bypass routes around these facilities. A mix of fixed and mobile operations allows the agencies the flexibility of being in more places as ones, increasing the overall visibility of enforcement and dissuading noncompliance by increasing the probability of encountering enforcement activities.

The current generation of the IIS Smart Roadside / IRIS vans includes technologies to screen trucks in motion. The technologies include the IIS IRIS Thermal brake and driveline inspection system, as well as Automated License Plate Readers, Automated USDOT Reader, IIS HazMat Placard Reader and Overview Camera system.

The IIS IRIS Thermal brake and driveline inspection technology is based on over 12 years of experience with a long history of effectiveness and accuracy. With the capability of tracking a truck and observing non-operational brakes, overheated bearings, and low and flat tires, the IIS IRIS system can improve the effectiveness of inspection operations with the identification of over 90% of these deficiencies while the vehicle approaches the officer and still moving. The IIS IRIS screening specifically identifies those trucks that need to be inspected.

The IIS Smart Roadside system in Vans and Trailers provides the Best-in-Class electronic screening platform available in the industry. Being used by over half the enforcement agencies in North America, the award winning Smart Roadside system can automatically identify over 90% of the trucks through image technology and screen these trucks against all the State and Federal authoritative data bases used for enforcement including SAFER and PRISM. Further, the screening can be combined with wireless roadside Weigh In Motion integration.

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