This spring, truckers using the PA Turnpike will have something to look forward to besides longer days and warmer weather. They will have access to roadside alerts with real-time parking availability for at least six truck stop service plazas.

Thanks to a partnership between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) and Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS), a program called the Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS), is installing high-volume service plazas with sensors and cameras, which detect when trucks vacate a parking space. Space “availability” is then relayed to roadside signs to give truckers real-time information – the actual number of spaces available – for better planning. What’s more, the information will be available through in-cab alerts through third party application developers. IIS’ sister company, Drivewyze, will have notifications available through its Driver Safety Notifications program.

With truck parking availability always a concern for truckers, the PTC program is a value-added service for those using the PA Turnpike. Despite a state shortfall of truck parking, TPIMS will help truck drivers maximize the use of existing parking capacity, while minimizing illegal parking which creates unsafe conditions for all PA Turnpike users.

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