IIS is pleased to announce that we now offer CVIEW to ALL US Drivewyze agencies and we will be adding the basic version to Smart Roadside implementations as well.

What is CVIEW?

CVIEW (Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window) is an online state tool roadside enforcement officers use to quickly research Carriers, Vehicles, and Drivers, accessing multiple government systems within a single portal. It collects information from the commercial vehicle credentialing and tax systems to generate portions of the interstate carrier, vehicle, and driver snapshots and reports for exchange within the state (e.g., to roadside sites) and with the SAFER system.


It makes the inspection process faster and easier. Officers can use a single portal to research Carriers, Vehicles, and Drivers[1], including License and Insurance information, past inspections, etc. Having CVIEW is also a requirement of Core ITD compliance. NOTE: Our “CVIEW Pro” satisfies this requirement, but our “CVIEW Basic” does not.

What’s Core ITD?

Core ITD is a management framework and system architecture to guide an ITD (Innovative Technology Deployment) deployment to carry out ITD capabilities in the areas of safety information exchange, credentials administration, and electronic screening.

Why comply with Core ITD?

States that fully comply with Core ITD are eligible for MCSAP (Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program) and Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) grant money.

We offer two CVIEW products.

  • We are offering our Drivewyze CVIEW Basic version to ALL US Drivewyze agencies (except FL Ag).
  • These states also have an opportunity to upgrade to a premium (Smart Roadside CVIEW Pro) version if they want ALL the features a CVIEW has to offer.

How does it work?

A new “CVIEW” button has been added at the bottom of the Live Summary page in Drivewyze. Clicking this button will open CVIEW Basic in a new browser tab, with single sign-on authentication of the user.



  • Integrated into both the Smart Roadside and Drivewyze Agency Portal
  • Integrated with Intrastate & State Permitting data

User Experience

  • Better user flow
  • Better performance and responsiveness
  • Better customer support


  • CVIEW Basic is complimentary for agency partners
  • CVIEW Pro is priced lower than either competitors’ CVIEW solutions or IRP/IFTA

Drivewyze CVIEW Basic and Smart Roadside CVIEW Pro Comparison

Smart Roadside users will be receiving Smart Roadside CVIEW Basic and Smart Roadside CVIEW Pro in the near future.

[1] Drivewyze CVIEW Basic does not include Driver links

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