IIS Smart Roadside is the most comprehensive roadside safety platform available for commercial vehicle enforcement. It offers a single, unified system that eliminates multiple, stand-alone systems and streamlines roadside operations.

Smart Roadside is flexible, scalable, and seamlessly supports the widest variety of 3rd party integrations including over 36 standard hardware roadside sensors, the most comprehensive list of authoritative data sources, and escreening extensions that include CVIEW and inspection interfaces.

Learn more about IIS Smart Roadside, and the Smart Roadside Technologies that can be integrated with it, here:

IIS Smart Roadside

Data Sources & Screening Software

Thermal Inspection System

Automated License Plate Reader

USDOT Reader

Hazmat Placard Reader

CVSA Safety Sticker Recognition System

Vehicle Tracking and Matching

Vehicle Overview Camera System

Advanced Lane Control

Truck Parking Services

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