The IIS Hazmat Placard Identification System (HPIS) is a software add-on to the IIS Automated USDOT Number Reader (AUNR), allowing the image collection and decoding of all Hazmat placards on vehicles in motion. Class and type of Hazmat are automatically read from the collected image with a raw read rate of over 93%*. The system allows the presence of Hazmat Placards to be incorporated into screening decisions.

Images along a particular vehicle are captured and automatically analyzed for the presence of Hazmat placards. The class and type of material indicated by all placards detected is presented on the IIS Smart Roadside display. Alerts associated with these placards are generated based on agency defined screening rules, and information on all placards is stored with the individual vehicle records.


* All rates reflect actual cumulative results from the field, taken at all times of day and in all seasons – they are not from selective tests.

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