IIS Smart Roadside is the most comprehensive roadside safety platform available for commercial vehicle enforcement. It offers a single, unified system that eliminates multiple, stand-alone systems and streamlines roadside operations. Smart Roadside is highly scalable, and supports mainline screening (virtual sites), ramp screening (weigh stations) and remote screening (trailer or van). A single interface operates and controls facilities, static scales and electronic screening.

Smart Roadside is flexible, and seamlessly supports the widest variety of 3rd party integrations including over 36 standard hardware roadside sensors, the most comprehensive list of authoritative data sources, and escreening extensions that include CVIEW and inspection interfaces.

The Smart Roadside program management console reports on system performance and includes tools to help you manage and make decisions. It also supports grant reporting, performance monitoring and overseeing system maintenance.

No other roadside technology and service provider can match IIS Smart Roadside for proven performance and pioneering innovation. Our recent milestones include:

  • 94%+ decode rates*: Automated CVSA decal readers
  • 93%+ decode rates: Automated Hazmat placard readers
  • 90%+ detection rate: Automated thermal inspections for bad brakes and flat tires
  • 96%+ truck identification rates: Through a combination of automated ALPR and USDOT # readers at highway speed
  • 96%+ vehicle matching: Vehicle Waveform Identification System tracks a vehicle at every point, from mainline exit to re-entry
  • 100% of IIS Smart Roadside systems deployed over the last 5 years remain operational

IIS Smart Roadside is the most comprehensive safety and enforcement platform available. Compare IIS Smart Roadside
to other solutions
, and see for yourself.


* All rates reflect actual cumulative results from the field, taken at all times of day and in all seasons – they are not from selective tests.

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