Law enforcement agencies use IIS imaging solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) operations. Our dedicated team has over 80 years of combined direct experience in law enforcement, government and commercial environments. This experience, combined with our commitment to providing industry-leading tools, has dramatically improved the Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) of our clients.

The success of new technologies requires more than just choosing the right equipment; it requires a systematic approach to improving operations. Our integrated systems are designed specifically for CVO and include extensive onsite training and support. Ergonomic workstations, CVE software interfaces, evidentiary documentation and communication sub-systems form critical elements of our proven and reliable inspection systems.

The IIS team has a deep understanding of the environment in which CVO administrators work. To that end, we have developed useful resources to help our clients in all phases of their project management, from project funding, to follow-up analysis and reporting. More than a supplier, Intelligent Imaging Systems strives to be a valuable and long-term partner to our client agencies, and to work together toward the greater goal of improved highway safety.

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