IIS’ Performance Based Weight Monitoring system enables agencies to assess Commercial Motor Vehicle weight compliance using collected weight data. Data sources include all Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) facilities state-wide (regardless of location) and static weighing history data.

Performance Based Weight Monitoring uses historically gathered weight data, rather than real-time weight measurements, to make a bypass or pull-in decision for a given truck. Performance Based Weight Monitoring enables states to use all state-located WIMs as part of their weight monitoring criteria, regardless of WIM location or connectivity speeds.

Historical load data from static scale weighing can also be used to affect the random pull in rates for a particular carrier. Performance Based Weight Monitoring is configurable – each state can set their own bypass criteria based on a number of factors, including last valid weight, historical weight data, and historical overloading trends.

Performance Based Weight Monitoring can also assist states in monitoring the calibration of WIM systems by tracking WIM weights and comparing them to static weights for those trucks that were required to report for random or other reasons.

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