Intelligent Imaging Systems is able to provide weigh station bypass solutions through our sister company, Drivewyze.

Drivewyze is a flexible, no-cost bypass program that utilizes Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) transponder technology to authorize pre-screened and automatic bypass services for commercial vehicles. Drivewyze helps law enforcement increase efficiency by allowing state law enforcement to focus limited resources on the most important matters.

drivewyze steps

Drivewyze uses existing cellular technology to provide bypasses to drivers.


Drivewyze gives you 100% control over all business rules and bypass system operations. There are no “standard screening rules,” and you can change the rules on the fly. Drivewyze integrates with any Weigh- in-Motion (WIM) system, and can be deployed at all fixed, temporary and mobile inspection locations, including virtual weigh stations. Drivewyze is currently active in 41 states:


Find out more by visiting the Drivewyze website.

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