Automated Thermal Inspection System (ATIS)

IIS’ patented Automated Thermal Inspection System is an industry-leading electronic screening platform that automatically screens CMVs for failing mechanical gear without human intervention. It significantly reduces the amount of time it takes commercial vehicle law enforcement inspectors to screen vehicles for critical safety defects. Learn more about Automated Thermal Inspection.

Vehicle Waveform Identification (VWI)

The IIS Vehicle Waveform Identification (VWI) System is a method of electronically identifying and matching Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) using their unique magnetic “fingerprints”. These can be collected at strategic locations on the mainline, ramp or throughout a facility, allowing matching and tracking of a specific CMV with an accuracy exceeding 96%*. Learn more about Vehicle Waveform Identification.

Performance Based Weight Monitoring

This innovative system that enables agencies to assess Commercial Motor Vehicle weight compliance using
collected weight data. Data sources include all Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) facilities state-wide (regardless of
location) and static weighing history data. Learn more about Performance Based Weight Monitoring.

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